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Adam O., Pleitez Intern, Wins Debate Trophy

Below is an excerpt from the Emanuel Pleitez for Los Angeles Mayor campaign blog, which covers the recent achievement of one of our talented interns on #TeamPleitez, Adam. To read the blog in full, as published on January 25, 2013, please visit:

“Adam out-argued five fellow contestants in his category, pleasing the panel of two judges and the audience of family and friends. Spontaneous argumentation participants, we are told, face random prompts and have to think of their feet to defend a position. Adam chose this contest because he likes sharing his opinion, explaining his thinking, and the passion of fueling an argument.

Emanuel’s mayoral campaign and his team are fueled by support from the community. More importantly, everyone that is working here towards change in Los Angeles has a desire to grow, educate and learn from others.

Our youth internship program is a great way for high school and college students to learn about the world of politics, especially about local politics in the second largest city in the country. Interns that join our program will help with basic duties associated with grassroots organizing while still having access to event, communications, policy, community outreach, and more.”


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