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L.A. Police Protective League TV Commercial For Wendy Greuel

Special interest support continues to come in for City Controller Wendy Greuel’s mayoral campaign. The Los Angeles Police Protective League launched a TV commercial promoting Controller Greuel. The TV spot sponsored by the union comes about a week after the Working Californians, the IBEW-funded independent group, launched its own media blitz.

The LAPPL commercial calls Controller Greuel “one of the most effective city leaders” and one who “took on the bureaucracy” in City Hall.

Controller Greuel’s plans to add 2,000 LAPD officers and 800 firefighters over the next seven years should appeal to unions like the one who sponsored the ad, however, residents of LA should be weary of her vision to do so considering she’s provided no plan to fund the new hires.

Los Angeles is facing a $238 million deficit projected to hit the $400+ million mark in the coming years. Those numbers are due to City Halls poor decisions and inability to shake loose special interest commitments.

Unless LA votes for new leadership, the next decade will be a continuation of the last – budget cuts in the areas of the city and to the departments that need support most.

Vote for the only candidate that will invest in the areas of the city where the most impact will be seen. Emanuel Alberto Pleitez has a vision for LA that moves everyone forward.


Watch the Los Angeles Police Protective League TV commercial promoting Wendy Greuel


Blog written by staff for the Emanuel Pleitez for Los Angeles Mayor 2013 campaign.

Emanuel Alberto Pleitez is a progressive Los Angeles native, he’s committed to uniting, serving, and inspiring his community. Son of Mexican and Salvadoran immigrants, and experienced in the private and public sector, he hopes to re-energize Los Angeles with a grassroots campaign the likes of which the city has never seen before.

Paid for by Emanuel Pleitez for Los Angeles Mayor 2013, 1972 E Cesar E Chavez Ave., Los Angeles CA 90033. Additional information is available at

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