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Pleitez Remembers the Holocaust: “Refuse to Stay Silent”

Below is an excerpt from the Emanuel Pleitez for Los Angeles Mayor campaign blog, written by Emanuel Pleitez, about the International Holocaust Remembrance Day. To read the blog in full, as published on January 27, 2013, visit

“Bad things sometimes happen to good people, and that’s a fact of life. However, if we refuse to stay silent and honor the memories of those who have come before us we can limit future pain and suffering.

We have a responsibility with ourselves and each other. Everyday we should strive to be a better person than who were the day before. With simple acts of kindness – opening up a door for a stranger, lending a helping hand to someone in need, or simply going the extra mile for our friends and loved ones – we can make this a better world for all of us.

Throughout my 30 years of life, I’ve made it a point to make a positive impact with every action I take and every organization I’ve served. My mayoral campaign is exactly about that, action leading to positive change through everyone’s involvement.”

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