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#TeamPleitez Responds to Wendy Greuel’s TV Ad Commerical, “All of L.A.”

“Every part of LA deserves a better city government.” -Wendy Greuel, City Controller and candidate for Mayor, TV ad “All of L.A.”

While the opening statement in the advertisement is true, due to Wendy’s deep ties to special interests, that outcome is less than likely under a Mayoral Office with Wendy at the helm.

The voices of everyday people in Los Angeles will not be able to be heard over the moneyed interests of the entertainment industry and powerful unions.

“As City Controller, I found $160 million in waste and fraud.” -Wendy Greuel, TV ad “All of L.A.”

As the City’s financial watch-dog, Wendy Greuel helps to rein in a budget that she herself helped to steer towards the brink of bankruptcy during her tenure as a city councilwoman. In her years as City Councilwoman, Wendy Greuel voted with now mayoral candidates City Councilman Eric Garcetti and City Councilwoman Jan Perry 99% of the time. We have a budget crisis our politicians created by making bad decisions based on numbers they didn’t understand.

Leadership is not eliminating corruption from a system that one helped create. It’s not enough to rid the city of an estimated $160 million of waste when the city still faces a larger economic burden than it can possibly shoulder. No money means no money, no matter the size of the deficit. It will still mean making massive cuts to city services.

“As Mayor, I can stop the waste because I know where it is, and I’ll use the savings for job creation.” -Wendy Greuel, TV ad “All of L.A.”

A Mayor doesn’t create jobs. Anyone who stands up and tells you that they will “create jobs” is naïve. Pleitez is the only candidate with extensive private sector experience and who has worked on fiscal and economic policy at the national level

We need a Mayor who understands that jobs are created when businesses grow and hire from a skilled workforce. LA will be a better place to do business under a Pleitez Mayoral Office by making sure we have the right infrastructure and getting rid of unnecessary taxes, like the gross receipts tax. Emanuel Pleitez has spent years working with investors and companies large and small throughout the country – and he is ready to tackle the jobs challenge on Day One.

He will work with venture capital funds and other investors, so more capital is available in LA to start a business. He’ll  support new businesses with an entrepreneurship hub in each council district to provide consulting services for new companies. He will provide tax breaks, consulting services, and office space for new businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs.

As Mayor, he’d bring an impact investing culture to LA. That means investing in communities where it will have the most impact, do the most good, and put people who are hungry to work back to work. He’d make sure we have the right transportation and energy infrastructure to support growth and mobility. And he’ll do it, not just with public money, but with private investment as well. With his finance background, he can bring new sources of capital to invest in new businesses in these communities.

It will take more than a simple audit to solve Los Angeles’ nearly 12% unemployment rate. It will take a leader. It will take Emanuel Pleitez.

Watch “Emanuel Pleitez discusses the mission of the next Mayor of Los Angeles”:


Watch Wendy Greuel’s ad, “All of L.A.”:


Blog written by staff from the Emanuel Pleitez for Los Angeles Mayor campaign. Emanuel Pleitez is a candidate running for Mayor of Los Angeles in the March 2013 elections. A progressive Los Angeles native, he’s committed to uniting, serving, and inspiring his community. Son of Mexican and Salvadoran immigrants, and experienced in the private and public sector, he hopes to re-energize Los Angeles with a grassroots campaign the likes of which the city has never seen before.

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